Smart Vision Inspection System - e-Check Series

e-Check provide simple inspection system with one click/button operation.





Simple Inspection System

Compare sample on one by one method

Judgement by system after setup master image

One click/button operation

Fast speed with consistent performance

Clear direction of inspection requirement

Solve communication breakdown between superior & operators

Tackle turnover issue due to incapable in pass down knowledge

Many upgradable features & customizable solution






Unique Features




Model e-Check
Inspection Range X-axis Standard: 90mm, (Optional: 35mm)
Y-axis Standard: 67mm, (Optional:26.5mm)
Magnification Standard: 3.5x, (Optional: 8.5x)
Repeatability Up to 99% (Subject to inspection application)
Sample Size Allowable 350mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 160mm(H)
Sample Weight Allowable 20kg

C-Mount Lens

Aperture Standard
Focal Length 12mm – 36mm
Transmitted Illumination Voltage 240V, AC50/60Hz, transmitted by 60 white colour LED with diffuser
Monitor Full HD LED 21” or above
CPU Intel® Core™ i5@2.4GHz, (5th generation or above)


With keyboard & mouse 600mm(L) x 740mm(W) x 730mm(H)
Without keyboard & mouse 505mm(L) x 520mm(W) x 730mm(H)
Weight 35kg

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