Biological Microscope B30

Biological Microscope For educational and lab





Biological Microscope

For Educational Purpose and Lab Research!

Excellent Performance

Simple Operation

Stabilized Structure




Single 3W high power LED illuminator, close to sunlight. Under bright field observation, the background is bright and white, no need filter. So it is the best choice for brightfield observation and CCD photograph. The light source is cold and stable. It will not has temperature difference even working for long time and longer life with lower power consumption. Philips 6V20W Halogen illuminator. Block-style mirror. If no power supply, it can collect natural light.



For the new dimming system, adjusting the lighting close to a straight line from low to high brightness dimming. It keeps sensitive and effective and overcome the jump phenomenon occurs when traditional microscope dimming the brightness and avoid the glare instantaneous cause dizziness. The new design is also conducive to the operation of the students and protection of dimming knob will not be damaged.



There are special locking screws for eyepieces to prevent people from removing the eyepiece or causing accidental damages of falling out of the eyepiece when got dust cover. Condenser using a dedicated set screws fixed, undesirable, also to avoid damage. Focus limit has the mechanical screws, and default before sale, which ensures accurate focus of the samples, but also protect the slide from damaged. 



T-shaped base and classic curve flank makes B30 excellent stability and rigid compact design. The overall shape compact and beautiful and save the lab space. The handle on the back of the main body guarantee it safety when moving or lifting the microscope.


Model B30
Optical System Infinity color corrected optical system

PL10X/18T, FN18mm with adjustable diopter

PL10X/20T, FN20mm with adjustable diopter

Objective OIP Infinity Plan Achromatic objectives
Viewing Head

30° Inclined Gemel Binocular Head

30° Inclined Gemel Trinocular Head, Light Splitting ratio R:T = 8:2

30° Inclined Gemel Digital Head (3 mega. Pixel)


Reverse quadraple nosepiece

Reverse quintiple nosepiece

Stage 140 x 132mm mechanical stage, move range 76 x 50mm
Condenser N.A. 1.25 Koehler illuminatory condenser (with socket for phase contast and darkfield accessories)
Focus Coaxial focus system with tension adjustable, coarse: 25mm per rotation, with upper limit and tightness adjustment
Illuminator 100C - 240V flucturate of voltage, single high brightness 3W LED with continuous intensity control
100C - 240V flucturate of voltage, Philips 6V/20W halogen bulb with continuous intensity control