S20 Series Stereo Microscope




Stereo Microscope

Greenough Optical System

Superior Optical System

Reliable Operation Mechanism

Complete Accessories

Diverse Combination



Model S20
Optical System Greenough optical system with full coating
Zoom Ratio 6.5:1
Zoom Magnification Continuous with marking
Optical Magnification 7x–45x
Possible Zoom Range 3.75x–180x with specific objective lens
Zoom Drive Horizontal knob
Observation Tube Binocular(S20.001) or Trinocular (S20.002)
Eyepiece 10x/20mm
Inclination Angle 45 degree
Interpupillary Distance 54–75mm
Diopter Adjustment +5/-5
Working Distance 100mm standard (30–165mm) with objective lens
Illumination LED Ring Light(Standard with LED 20)
Focusing Stroke 50mm(tension adjustable)
Base & Stand Base (165x243mm) and pillar stand (H248mm)


S20.001 Binocular Type
S20.002 Trinocular Type
S20.003 Eyepiece 10x (standard)
S20.004 Eyepiece 15x
S20.005 Eyepiece 20x
S20.006 Evocus Objective Lens 0.5x for Stereo Microscope
S20.007 Evocus Objective Lens 2.0x for Stereo Microscope
S20.008 Evocus Stereo Microscope Head Holder
S20.009 Evocus Eyepiece Reticle
L90.201 LED-20 Ring Light (Standard)
L90.905 Glass Protection Cover
L90.906 Transparent Cover Cloth

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