Brinell Hardness Tester - BD-3000Series

Digital brinell hardness tester equipped with multi-function LCD screen and electronic control system




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Closed loop sensor, the electronic control system

With Ten levels testing forces range 62.5kgf to 3000kgf

​​​​​​Keyboard to select test method, and convert between various of hardness scales

Digital display, large LCD multi-function screen

Optional high definition CCD camera and system​​​


Applications Areas

Wildly used in industries: Metallurgy, Metrology, Building materials, Research Institutes, Hardening shops, Automotive, Railway, Energy, Steel, Aviation, Roller plants, Tube rolling mills, Foundries

Applications Materials

Cast iron, Non-ferrous metals and alloys, various annealed/quenched/tempered steels especially for soft metals such as pure aluminum, lead, tin and so on



Model BD-3000
Preliminary Testing Force 8 ~ 650HBW
Brinell Scale HBW2.5/62.5, HBW2.5/187.5, HBW5/62.5, HBW5/125, HBW5/250, HBW5/750, HBW10/100, HBW10/250, HBW10/500, HBW10/1000, HBW10/1500, HBW10/3000
Testing Force

62.5kgf (612.9N), 100kgf (980.7N), 125kgf (1226N), 187.5kgf (1839N), 250kgf (2452N), 500kgf (4903N), 750kgf (7355N), 1000kgf (9807N), 1500kgf (14710N), 3000kg (29420N)

Max. Height of Specimen 220mm
Min. Measuring Unit 0.0625 µm
Duration Time 5 ~ 60s
Magnification of Microscope 20X
Carried Standard

EN ISO 6507, EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-384, ASTM E-10, GB/T231.2, JJG150

Distance of Indenter to Outer Wall 145mm
Power Supply AC220V +5%, 50 - 60Hz
Overall Dimension 550 x 250 x 780mm
Net Weight About 150kg


Standard Accessories
Item Quantity Item Quantity

Main Unit


Accessory Case

Measurement Microscope (20X) 1

Diameter Ø2.5, Ø5, Ø10mm Steel Ball Indenter


HBW/3000/10, HBW/1000/10, HBW/187.5/2.5


Large, Medium, “V” Shape Testing Table


Diameter Fastening Screw

1 2A Fuse 1

Power Cable


Dust Proof Covering

Paper for Printer 1

Manual, Certificate, Warranty Card


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